Copyright and licensing

Licensing conditions:

The authors reserve the right to authorship of the work without restrictions and transfer to the journal the right to first publish this work under the Creative Commons Attribution License International CC-BY, which allows others to freely distribute the published work with mandatory reference to the authors of the original work and the first publication of the work in this journal.

The author must sign a copyright assignment agreement to accept the article for printing. The agreement is sent to the postal (original) or e-mail address (scanned copy) of the Editorial Office of the journal.

With this agreement, the author affirms that the material submitted:

•          is original and is not a copy of any other work;

•          does not disrupt the copyrights of other persons or organizations;

•          has not been previously published in other publishing houses and has not been submitted for publication in other editions.

Once the manuscript has been accepted for publication, the author grants the Journal the right to publish and distribute the manuscript in part or in its entirety. The name of the author will always be included in the publication of the manuscript.

The author reserves the following rights:

•          to use the materials of the article (in whole or in part) in his teaching activities;

•          include article materials (in whole or in part) in his dissertation;

•          use the materials of the article to prepare theses, conference papers, and also oral presentations;

•          publish the manuscript or permit its publication as part of any book that the author may write;

•          allow the manuscript to be reprinted by third parties to use photocopies in the teaching process;

•          place digitized copies of the article (including the final digitized version downloaded from the official web-site of the journal) on: personal web-resources of all authors (web-sites, web-pages, blogs, etc.); web-resources of institutions where the authors work (including online institutional repositories) of non-profit open access web-resources.

The author(s) also agree to duly mention the Journal as the original source of publication.

In all cases, a bibliographic reference to the article or a hyperlink to its digitized copy on the official website of the journal is mandatory.